10 Best Tools for the Online Classroom

Time changes really fast, and classrooms change completely with time. Recent events with the lockdown have forced the change from a physical to the virtual classroom. This has been difficult for some who are slower to adapt but it is our new reality.

10 Best Tools For The Online Classroom

The transition to a virtual classroom was not anticipated to be an easy task. However, some handy tools made it easier to deliver higher-quality content and student interaction.

In this article, we will outline some of the tools that increase engagement in the virtual classroom. First, we discuss the pros and cons of the online classroom.

Pros and Cons of the Online Classroom


  • Flexible to use with any device
  • Use it Anywhere
  • Available 24×7
  • Increases Self-Learning Skills
  • Helps you to find your interest
  • More Focused
  • You could repeat courses


  • Lack of social interaction
  • Lack of self-discipline
  • Practical knowledge becomes hard to gain
  • Fails to impress in the learning of Ethics and value

Taking all these things into account, we start our journey for the 10 best tools to create a virtual classroom.

1. Zoom  


Picture the online classroom and the first thing that comes to mind is Zoom. A popular option in schools with good reason: it has an easy user interface and allows collaboration for up to 300 users per session. Screen and application sharing are straightforward, and the scheduling features are simple to navigate.

2. Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom has a suite of tools to support online learning, such as Google sheets, a meeting feature, and calendar. A favorite about the user interface is that schools can create their own themes like logos, colours, and badges. Creating and publishing links are easy for users. Google Classroom offers 100 users to participate collaboratively.

3. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect

This application seems to be limitless and provides a customizable room. A differentiator is that a user can interact in multiple rooms. Meeting, recording, screen sharing, note-making, audio and video conferencing are basic functions. A simple platform that generates an extraordinary result.

4. Schoology

A platform dedicated and designed for schools, students, and teachers. It gives access to compare teaching strategies and student achievements. It is easy to use and has all the basic features; it is quite a social media platform with a school-like feeling. It has a great ability to integrate with Google and Microsoft.

5. Scratch

Designed for students 8-16 who have a keen interest in programming, Scratch provides a creative introduction. One of the highlighted features allows for combining music and images to create an interactive game.

6. Socrative

A classroom app for fun which allows the teacher to make immediate tests and quizzes. About 50 students can participate in a public room. Teachers can provide feedback and responses at any time.

7. Byju’s


For the kids who are a quick learner and want to spend more time in studies, Byju’s will be a great choice in India. Easy video lessons that map to school syllabuses make it an easy choice for students. Every subject is available in-depth and can be an effective resource for student queries.

8. Unacademy


Unacademy is one of my favourite tools for online learning. A combination of free and paid courses make the learning process easy. Dedicated videos for students and professionals of every field make it stronger from the competitors. If you’re from India, courses of IIT, UPSC and SSC are among the top offerings on Unacademy. 

9. Udemy


A tool for professionals, everything you need is available on Udemy. Lifetime access to courses is offered and an advantage is that participants are able to self- pace their courses. Udemy offers immediate access to courses and a certificate of completion is available.

10. Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning

A dedicated tool for the IT professional. Courses like digital marketing, web designing and development, software development, and an endless list of IT courses are available on Linkedin learning. About 16,000+ professional courses are available on LinkedIn Learning that could advance your tech knowledge.

Comment your favourite tool for online learning and make your time productive by learning new things online. Stay tuned with us to continue the discussion.

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