10 Tools to start your career in Freelancing

2020 was full of uncertainty and more and more people started to work as freelancers. Freelancing has recently seen tremendous growth. Freelancing is kind of a win-win situation for firms and freelancers.

Apart from this people choose to freelance for the following reason,

  • Ability to work in the field they love and what they are good
  • Choose and decide which client to work along for the project
  • Work according to schedule that an individual wants

But before jumping into freelancing you need to understand that freelancing is not all bright and gloomy. There are lots of things which are going on behind the curtains which are generally not visible.

These things include managing finances, Taxes, Managing time which needs to manage multiple hats like in managing hiring additional resources depending upon the project time. According to reports by the freelancing website Upwork more than one-third of the total workforce is engaged in freelancing.

Freelancing can be done in the field of Digital Marketing services, Coding & App development, Virtual Assistant or Data Entry. We have compiled a list of tools that can help freelancers to perform tasks effectively and excel in project & business.

We are going to talk must 10 tools to start your career in freelancing. This article will help closer to figuring out the question of how to start freelancing.


Finding the right time slot for both parties can be a task. Calendly aims to solve this problem – just send recipients your unique scheduling link, which presents multiple meeting options based on your calendar availability.

Calendly allows you to schedule one-on-one or group meetings, integrating with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud, as well as apps like Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, and MailChimp. Calendly also automatically handles timezone detectionand so you can schedule meetings with clients from other countries with less confusion.

Pros – Calendly shows the name of invited members and their schedules. This allows meetings to be made without having to go back and change times because of conflicting schedules.

Cons – Occasionally sometimes a ‘glitchy’ experience where the app runs extremely slow and occasionally will crash.


If you like visuals and graphs. Trello is a project management tool that manages projects. Trello is one of the easiest tools to use and operate that is available in the market. Trello allows to create boards, add create cards as per task.

The cards can be used to assign the activity to other members of the team or yourself. Trello is very flexible and can be used for just anything, from personal task management, to those related to your business and projects.

 Many top SaaS companies use Trello to showcase the company progress roadmap. The best part Trello is free to use.

Pros – Trello was easily laid out on visual boards .Easy to tag another team member to a project board.

Cons – Too many boards made it difficult to locate tasks quickly. In large projects, you will find yourself spending too much time looking for information when trying to reference something within a project.


Slack is the industry standard for team communication. It would be difficult to find any company which does not use Slack. Slack is a business communication tool providing teams with a central platform to instantly communicate and share files with each other. Slack is used by small start-ups to a large corporation

Slack’s features have replaced other productivity tools (for example the ability to share files online, video conferencing, remote team management, etc) and have become a must-have productivity tool that helps companies of sizes streamline their employee communication.

Slack provides both public and private chat channels for team-based communication categorized under custom-made topics (for example #projectA, #projectB, #groupchat) – this enables tracking communication and work activity more efficiently, especially when working with larger teams.

The app also allows the function of tagging team members to get looped into conversations that need their attention – without cluttering their interface. Slack provides the search-through function in the messages history and files to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Pros – Categorize discussions by channels.Almost all-in-one communication tool (chat and audio/video).

Cons For big organizations probably +150-200 employees might add too much noise if not managed correctly.


Dropbox is a popular cloud-based file storage and sharing service allowing you to save your files (photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, music, etc) to the cloud and sync with all your available devices. This acts as your hard drive on the cloud.

Dropbox has integration features that can help to connect with a number of platforms, services, and apps. Some of them include integrations with Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud, Slack.

The free plan only gives you 2GBs of free storage, but this can be increased to 16GB by referring your friends to join the service of linking your Dropbox to your social media accounts.

Dropbox Business plans allow users to collaborate and sync their work allowing each team member unlimited storage space – in addition to advanced features for file versions and file recovery.

Pros – Free to use initially up to 2GB

Cons – The initial free usage of data is up to 2GB and can be extended by referring others.


Trying to keep everything you need to know stored in your brain is a recipe for disaster. Our brains are not designed to store information but to come up with different ideas. The brain is not very efficient in storing information except in some exceptional cases.

Evernote can come in as a handy assistant. Use a tool like Evernote to get stuff out of your head and into an actionable and searchable note format. Organize notes into notebooks, certain topics, or even clients and add tags to make it easier to find related information.

Evernote is a simple app but extremely useful for brainstorming, writing blog posts, and taking notes on the go.

Pros – One can simply email the files to a designated email id and the files automatically get stored into your Evernote account. This saves a lot of hassle in first downloading the content from the email and then uploading it to Evernote.

Cons – No option to record audio and video directly from Evernote. The recording is very helpful while conducting telephonic or face-to-face interviews.



While working or browsing the internet at random, you likely come across articles, videos, and links that you’d like to refer back to later. Instead of bookmarking these things within your browser and later searching in a stockpile of bookmarked content why not save them to Pocket?

Pocket makes it easy to save useful resources for later and allows you to access all of this information across your other devices. Later you can revisit the bookmarked text content into an audio format which helps you consume the content on the go.

Pros – Offline access – Unlike many other bookmark managers, Pocket allows you to access your content offline.

Cons – Problems with images – While reading articles inside the app, images occasionally don’t display properly. This normally occurs with data-heavy images, such as infographics or charts.



Hemingway is a free grammar checking tool that provides several useful insights about the written content that you create for yourself or for a client. One of the most interesting is the ability to judge the level at which your content reads—like if you’re using words and sentence structure that may be too advanced for the general online audience.

Hemingway even deep dives with insights which helps to make your writing more concise and readable by making suggestions in terms of things like replacing jargon with simpler words, breaking up paragraphs, and changing active and passive voice for consistency.

Pros Hemingway has direct integration to platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Medium

Cons – Can be accessed based only, no support on Android, iOS or desktop app.



Buffer is another great freelancer tool, especially if you are using multiple social media platforms. All you have to do is continually load your Buffer account with interesting content and it will periodically (as determined by you) tweet, post or pin your social media content which means you only have to jump into the tool every so often instead of managing your social accounts all day, every day.

Buffer also has different plans from a free basic version to large business plans that are a couple a hundred a month. As a freelancer, you wouldn’t get into that size of a plan. The small business pro plan is only $15 a month. It is nice to know that there is room to grow.

This is the central command center for your social media posting which will help you manage all social media handles in one place. You can complete the posting well in advance that will post the content along with different platforms on behalf of you as per the set schedule.

Pros – Buffer has a series of apps that work with the original app with loads of benefits. Buffer has a very small learning curve.

Cons – Using all of Buffer’s features, including analytics and community management, can be very expensive for a small business.



Prospero helps you create proposals while also helping you price out each project. For this reason, it’s ideal for new freelancers still getting used to the lay of the land

As you start the process of creating the proposal, Prospero will ask you questions like: your rate, how long it will take you to complete the project, and the type of work you’re doing, it covers web and app design, as well as print and branding proposals.

As you proceed with answering the questions your contract gets created at the back end. Once you answer all the questions, it will then help you create a proposal with ideal pricing, based on your answers.

Prospero provides a lot of customization options like the colour of the background to theme and font sizes to be used in the contract. This surely ups your game in freelancing and gives a more professional look compared to the competition.

Pros – It is easy to use and also provide references of other contracts to take inspiration from while filling up the contract document

Cons – Additionally, any communication you get from the software doesn’t link you back to their site (Inconvenience), forcing you to google them.



MailChimp is easily the biggest and most recognizable email marketing tool out there. With their well-known mascot and well-done branding, MailChimp has become the leader in their category.

They offer a free plan for those with 2,000 subscribers or less which you can send up to 12,000 emails. This is great for small businesses and personal use with most of the tools and templates available. For those who exceed the free plan, MailChimp offers plenty of other options including pay-as-you-go and more.

Pros– Great free plan, detailed reporting, and template editor

Cons– Limited email automation

Closing Note

From the current time, the industry of freelancing will only keep on growing. More and more people will turn towards adopting a freelancing mode of working. Companies and businesses will be more open to this mode of hiring. This helps businesses to onboard resources as per the project.

On the other side freelancers also gain the sensibility of having control of time and type of project to work for. These 10 Tools to start your career in Freelancing will help in  manage your work.

To be more effective, spend time in setting up these tools and know more about relevant options for automating your work, and then watch your earnings grow. These 10 tools mentioned in freelancing can be used in Digital Marketing, Coding , Virtual Assistant or any other field

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