10 Content Curation Tools Every Content Marketer Needs in 2021

Content Curation from scratch every time is not possible for three reasons

  1. The content is out there already, your competitor has created it
  2. The writer requires in-depth knowledge of the topic or hands-on experience
  3. The writer doesn’t have time to craft quality content

Curating content comes in handy here, it gives the writers more content and saves time.

In this article, you will learn about 10 tools with which you can curate content

1. Feedly

With Feedly you could aggregate news from your favourite Websites, Twitter, Reddit, and Newsletters. You could also save specific articles by providing the link to Feedly Boards.

Feedly has a free plain reader with 100 sources and 3 feeds. Paid plans start at 6 dollars per month.


2. Twitter Lists

List is a set of Twitter accounts. In Twitter, you could create a list, keep it private/public. Twitter lists can be used to keep tabs on competitors, influencers, customer’s content and so on.

3. Pocket

You can save articles, videos from any website or application in Pocket. It’s similar to Bookmarking in Browsers and the best part is Pocket is available as mobile application in Google Play Store, Apple App Store too.

To save, read, watch and listen Pocket is free. You can also avail monthly membership of Pocket Premium at 4.99 dollars per month.


4. InstaPaper

With Instapaper, you could enter a link and the content gets displayed ad-free. You could add notes with Instapaper premium version which would be helpful during curation process. It costs 2.99 dollars per month or 29.99 dollars per annum.


5. Scoop.It

With Scoop.it you can aggregate content from multiple websites and then publish to WordPress sites or social channels. They have free plan and Pro plan with free trial, it starts at 14.99 dollars.

Scoop has bookmarklet – browser extension with which you can add any web-page easily or as they call it you can “scoop” any web-page.


6. Curata

Curata helps content writers to find niche content, review it on the fly. You can also integrate Curata with Content Management Software like WordPress, Marketing automation software like HubSpot and social media.

Source: Curata

7. Flipboard

Flipboard aggregates News and social network based on your interests. It can be accessed using Web browser or mobile application. It is free to everyone and can be used for consuming content in an orderly way and not getting overloaded with information.


8. Elink.io

You can use Elink to gather and curate information from anywhere on web and add your own notes. It also can be used to create curated webpages and e-mail newsletter quickly. This way you can establish yourself as though leader in your niche.

They also have interesting templates to create newsletters, single web pages, etc.  


9. BuzzSumo

With Buzzsumo you can identify most shared content, influencers post and track favourite authors. You could also filter results based on time – last 6months, location, language, content type, etc.

Buzzsumo has free trial for 7 days and paid plans start at 99 dollars per month.

Buzzumo content curation tool

10. Listly

Listly is a tool to create and maintain a list of items. List can include blogs, videos, photos, etc. You could also follow someone else’s list without putting in efforts to create one. This list can be added to a website or can be shared.


Final Thoughts

Every content writer and company could use these Content curation tools to effectively create content, stay up to date and post consistently.

You can establish as a thought leader in your niche and build trust with your audience this way.

Try these tools and let us know what you think.

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