Golden Freelancing Opportunities in 2021

Golden Freelancing Opportunities In 2021

Work from home become a trend nowadays and the hype of remote work is increase day by day. There are a lot of negative from 2020 but from sure a positive year for freelancers, many fields show instant growth of demand of freelancers. Over the past year, freelance jobs make a place in every possible business.

In most countries, in which freelancing is not quite popular but now it is treated as a full-time career. People are found that freelancers love their work more than employees, they want to achieve the target as soon as possible and want to earn more every day. Freelancer willingness to work gives more reason to select a freelancer for work and this trend leads to the growth of freelancer in the upcoming time.

In 2021, freelancing becomes important due to necessity. I have seen most adults are not quite satisfied with their pay scale, they want to earn more and want to expand their skill set. Nowadays, some of the company rely on the freelances in spite of employees, and customer is tending to approach freelancers and shows faith in freelancing. The reason is quite clear; freelancers love their work more than anyone.

In my personal view, if you are in your early 20s, then choosing freelancing as your career is the best idea to start your journey. Freelancers are supposed to more talented than employees basically they do nearly everything related to their businesses. The skillset tends to expand day by day. As a freelancer you could learn more, you could earn more.

Perfect time for freelancers

Perfect time for freelancers

For sure, 2020 is the starting of the golden era of freelancing, and the upcoming year will witness strong growth of freelancers. 2020-2021 trend is responsible for the rapid growth of freelances as well as their pay scale. According to a report by MBA Partners, that one from every five, means 20% of freelancers earn more than $1,00,000 per year. And about 60% of qualified freelancer were able to generate more than their monthly wages as they earn as an employee. So, for sure this is the starting of the golden era of freelancers.

According to a report, more than 2 million freelancers join since 2019, and this number is increase day by day. In near future, you may find this number will be increased exponentially.

Especially in most developing countries, the work from culture is quite new for them, in 2020 companies and employees feel more freedom of work through remote culture. So, the number will increase rapidly. In a country like India, where the population is about 1.4 billion, a small trend leads to make a big number.

If you want to start your career as a freelancer, this is the perfect time to start. There are certain things that we need to remember before selecting a career in freelancing, let’s have a look before starting.

Golden rule before starting freelancing

Golden rule before starting freelancing

Maybe you are best in the field and your office didn’t give you an exposure that you need or if you want to skip a 09 to 05 job and choose to freelance over a job then a certain thing to keep in mind before starting a career in freelancing.

Choose your passion as a career

Choose your passion as a career

The best thing if we choose our passion as a career option that we didn’t give up easily. As ups and downs are part of life, but our passion in certain field motivates us to do the work until we found success. It is one of the ways to avoid stress on bad days. Remember before selection of any field in freelancing, that you enjoyed a lot to work.

  • You will be your own boss

The management of your work belongs to you, your schedule totally depends on you and the most important thing that you relate with your client is totally your responsibility. Your vacations, breaks, time management is totally belonging to you. Sometimes you become your mentor, your teacher, and sometimes you need to become a self-motivator. So, don’t be a lousy boss, try to push yourself every time you feel low.

  • Successful freelancing takes time

Don’t expect that you starting to earn money from day one you join as a freelancer, things will take time, the client network grows with time, you learn time management, money management, interaction with the client and everything that need to be a successful freelancer will take time. So just have calm and keep going, till you become a successful freelancer.

  • Don’t quit your day job until you find an appropriate opportunity

You lose your job due to COVID is another case, but if you have a settled job now, so don’t quit before you started to earn some project. In this scenario, your office colleagues could help you to settle things, your office project could help you to be more active in of field. Quit your day job when you feel you could rely on your freelancing earnings.

The experienced freelancer earns more than you think in 2020-2021. But novice freelancer struggles a little bit to find projects but it is time for their growth. As many reports suggest in there is a lot of scope for freelancers in the future.

Golden fields in freelancing

Golden fields in freelancing

Before stepping in the freelancing you must see the list of hot traditional fields to be a part of. In this section, we discussed the top 5 hottest fields in freelancing, which are highly demanded and have a high pay scale.

1. Web Designer/Developer

Web Designer

In this online era, a website is the need of every business. Every big scale, medium scale, even micro and mini-scale business needs a website to grow up. Yes, here we discuss the importance of graphic designer, web designer, and web developer for a business.

Website designers and developers are quite demanded in freelancing. To improve the user experience, save user data, and earn a name everyone looks toward the web designer and developer. There are several roles in the website regarding graphic designer, front-end developer, and back-end developer, and it starts with illustration, logo designing, banners, website mock-ups, website designing, development, and databases. You could master your favorite skill and can earn about 15-20$ per hour at an intermediate level.

2. Digital marketing

A website is worth it if it manages to earn leads, and for this, you need to rank your website on the search index. Here the role of digital markers eventually grows, every client looks for an SEO, SMO, PPC, Google AdWords to generate more leads. There is lot more factor that brings traffic to your website: link building, on-page, and off-page SEO, social media presence or even by ads placed on the search engine. You could master digital marketing skills and could earn more than you think by digital marketing.

3. Content creator

With the growth of video platforms, the demand for video content increased rapidly. As a report, 72% of users want to see videos in comparison to reading articles about anything. That brings the demand for scriptwriting.

Even content writing is quite popular, you could earn quite well by writing blogs and articles. Content writers are earning 15-20$ per hour on platforms like Upwork.

4. Educational training

With the advancement of technology and the demand for online tutorials, the future of freelancing teaching is looking bright. Teachers are hired for virtual teaching. Schools and colleges hired a lot number of professionals in the pandemic period and this number is likely to increase. Student was likely to choose a qualified freelancer above an institute as they provide quality on low charges. Be a certified trainer by mastering your subject, you could earn 20-30$ per hour.

5. Account and Finance

According to a report by flex jobs, account and finance are going to be one of the hottest freelancer jobs in 2021. Many major companies are hiring freelancer accountants and this number is going to increase because every business needed an accountant and financer, from a big firm to small scale industries every business needed a qualified person that could manage their businesses. As a recent report, the Accounting sector is going to see 6% of growth in the upcoming period.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

The pandemic changes the way of thinking for the peoples. The people who think about money and money, 2020 pandemic help them to realize the value of family, in order to meet work/life balance freelancing help peoples. And a result the number of freelancers increased in the past year and this number tends to increase every day. There is no hesitation to say that it is the starting of the golden era of freelancing. Your time management and choice over skill set could bring a golden period in your life. The most important factor is to choose the right skill set for you. The thing which I love about freelancing that freelancing leads to entrepreneurship. The chance that a freelancer owns their business and provides works to others is quite high. Keep husting, all the best to freelancers.

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