Practical Guide on How to Become a Freelancer in 2021?

Practical Guide on How to Become a Freelancer in 2021?

According to a report by PayPal, 23% of total freelancers are earning more than 60 lakh per annum.

A Recent report of Economic times assumes that India’s gig economy has the potential to become the largest gig economy in the world.

According to another recent report, a beginner freelancer earns 10k t0 30k per month in India while an experienced one is earning more than 80k/month.

Keywords like ‘work from home’ and ‘ how to be a freelancer’ are among the highest search word on Google, related to work from India. That indicates the hype of freelancing especially in professional work.

These highlights of some reports are the indication that freelancers have a bright future in India. And at the time, experienced freelancers are earning quite good, more than a good settle job. According to data of 2019-2020, India’s gig economy is 7th highest in the World. Covid breakdown pushes this rapidly, and result in traffic on freelancer’s platform increase well in India.

To start a career in freelancing and become a successful freelancer let’s start from the beginning, with the first question, what is freelancing.

Let’s start.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancers work on a contract base, work for themselves, not for any company or firm, freelancers are not hired, they work on a contract with companies, firm or with a single person. In freelancing, freelancers have a fixed rate per gig(job) or get paid per hour.

Freelancers ultimately are self-employed and are their boss themselves. Freelances have better work and life balance. According to a report published in Payoneer, average freelancers work 36 hours per week, if we divide with  6 days as office work culture in India, Average Freelancers just work 6 hours per day. And the best thing Freelancers earn more than $40000 per annum, in Indian rupees average freelancers earn more than 3 lakh per annum with 6 hours of working each day.

Freelancer rules are simple to do more, earn more. Have more contacts, have more projects. Having a good rating, the chance of another gig will increase rapidly.

Do Freelancers have a bright future in India?

In a country like India where the population is quite high in comparison to employment and area. With a high population and need for a job, result in low earning for the employee’s, a fresher in small and average IT company starts with just 10k per month, sometimes they earn less than it.

According to a report, India is among the country which provides professionals at a cheap rate, sometimes this could help you to earn more projects and more money as a freelancer.

At this time, most IT companies in big cities of India are a setup of successful freelancers, they run on gigs. They are who that understand the value of freelancing before you, and that’s the reason they hire professional. Here I don’t want to put you in fairy tales of a big dream but just want to tell, that these small and middle scale IT firm owner is just a successful Freelancer.

India is a country where freelancers are available at low rates in comparison to most developed countries, remember when I worked as a Graphic designer in an IT firm, my senior gives me a task to make a logo for a company, I made it and finally it in just 4-5 hours, later I know that my company earns $150 for that logo, I surprised to know that my company earns my 15 days of my salary in just 4-5 hours of my working. This incident gives me a hint to start freelancing. Freelancers earn high, and you could earn also but you need to find the correct project for you. By learning this art of freelancing you could earn more than you think.

The freelancing trend in India

The freelancing trend in India

As per Wikipedia, in 2020, currently, there is  15 million freelancing in India, in last year the growth is impressive, COVID breakdown and work from culture approach to work give more and more freelancers in last year. Freelancing industry growth is so fast that Wikipedia estimates that by 2021, more than 50% of the workforce of India work as freelancers in most industries.

As an old proverb, the best time to start something good was yesterday, and the second-best is today. If something is going to happen or trending in the future so why not be a part of the trend now and be on the driver sit by first.

Is freelancing is good for you

The reality is that not everyone is made for freelancing, not everyone knows the art of entrepreneurship, and not everyone is made for a 09 to 06 job.

Yes, if you don’t want to live in a 06 to 09 job, want to be your own boss, and you are strong enough to motivate yourself then freelancing is for you. In another word, you are made for freelancing and entrepreneurship.

Freelancers are close to being entrepreneurs in comparison to a person who jobs in a company or firm.

Freelancer’s life could be tough at some time, they may find it hard to find a project, they may live in an unorganized life schedule, some project instability may have lack of money but on the other hand, you have most chance to balance your work-life, more chances to earn money. For this, you need to be self-motivated as well as self-confident.

Qualities needed to be a freelancer

  • Freelancing required dedication, determination, hardworking with an immense set of skill sets.
  • Freelancers should be self-motivated.
  • They should be comfortable with any time as your foreign client will have a different time zone.
  • You required multi-tasking at the time of your work on the project and need to find and approach a client.

Tips to be a freelancer

Tips to be a freelancer

The most important 3 tips you have ever get, pay more attention to that section.

1.  Choose your niche

2.  Showcase your work

3.  Make more connection

We have another article to know more tips to be a freelance (Read Here) , in this article we just explain these 3.

1. Choose your niche

The most important thing that to choose the profitable niche to start a career in freelancing. The wrong niche could end up your life in stress.

The best niche should be something which belongs to your passion or you never get bored to learn new things and could continue the work even on bad days. That is only possible when your career belongs to things of your interest and your hobby.

You need to master your field that supposes you want to have a career in freelancing as a web designer. Then you need to master all the software and programming languages that needed. You need to master Photoshop, Illustrator, Mock-ups design, PSD to HTML, HTML, CSS, and JS, or Everything that needs to be master in the field.

You need to master your skillset as you have confidence when your client speaks about the work. They will approach you only when they will be 100% sure that you will achieve the feat. So, the first step is that to choose your niche that you could master well.

2. Showcase your work

You are a content writer, Graphic designer, or web developer you need to showcase your work. Until your client didn’t see your work they didn’t approach you. To notify about your work to your client, you need a strong portfolio, that surely helps you to earn more jobs. You need to represent yourself as a brand, you need to make your portfolio in the way that it speaks on behalf of you. Your portfolio should be designed or written in a way that your client will be sure that he/she choose the right person to work with.

It is just your work, that helps to give more work to you. Hire a designer or learn coding to make your portfolio well and showcase your talent to your client.

3. Make more connection

You need to more pro-active to your social media handles. Be more social, make more connections, talk to more people, you earn more projects. Update your social media handle from time to time. Update your freelancer account when you have some extra time.

Your social media appearance gives a signal to your client that you are still available to work. Let’s your Facebook profile, Linkedin profile talks about your work.

Along with social media appearance, your behavior will play a major role to find more projects. A thing that you always should remember, your client is not a one-time payment mode for you. He/she is more than that, if we just see him/her from a business perspective then a simple thing comes to mind, that the more the person you know, the more connection you build. This connection and references always help you to earn more gigs.

Try to complete the work of your client within the deadline, understand him, make sure that he/she didn’t suffer due to you. Try to earn a five-star rating on your freelancer accounts.

Where to find work as a Freelancer

Where to find work as a Freelancer

When you master the skill, then your next question that where to find work as a freelancer, how to choose the best platform for you. Here we discuss a simple list that helps you to make more money.

Let’s start the list

1.  Upwork

2.  Fiverr

3.  Freelancer

4.  99designs

5.  Flexjobs

6.  Hireable

7.  PeoplePerHour

8.  Simplyhired

You could find more work from Facebook groups or from your LinkedIn Profile.

These are some freelancer platforms include Facebook and Linkedin. But one question is still remaining that how to choose the best one.

The best platform according to me is Upwork, I didn’t use many ones using freelancer, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour. But I suggest Upwork, Upwork sees an immense growth in the number of freelancers. It has more variety than other platforms and you need to pay a minimal amount to bid for a project. The best thing that your proposal will be hidden from others, you could charge an hourly rate to your client as it makes sure that it will send a screenshot of your work to your client every ten minutes.

But if you are a beginner and your skill is not groomed well then you should choose the other platform because Upwork has a lot of traffic and competition that may delay in getting your first project.

Most popular freelancing job in India

Most popular freelancing job in India

This topic needs more attention, maybe you feel that you should know that before choosing your niche.

But I don’t want that you compromise with your passion. I just wanted that stretch your passion in that way that it will connect to the most payable job. If your passion is to draw new things, sketches, and paintings that become a Graphic designer will be the best option for you.

If you love to read books or write something different than to become a content writer will be the most suitable choice. If you think that your passion is for learning a new language that you could offer yourself as a translator.

Believe me, every passion is connected to a well payable job in freelancing. Let’s start the list with some of the most demanded freelancer jobs in India.

1.  Graphic Designer

2.  Web Designer

3.  App and Web developer

4.  Content Writing

5.  Video and Animation

6.  Digital Marketing

7.  Admin Support

8.  Translator

9.   Photography

These are some trendy jobs in freelancing in India, but there is a long list that could help you to earn a healthy income. You just need to extend your passion in the way that it will make money for you.

Things not to do in freelancing

Things not to do in freelancing

Sometimes we are trapped in a condition that we not supposed to be in.

1. Don’t do an illegal job

It may be harmful to your client as well as yourself. I have seen some time video creators when they made or edit appropriate content such as edit pornographic content, make meme material, and trapped in the condition that may cost them high. Just avoid this type of work that may sound weird.

2. Don’t copy-paste thing

You are a designer then it will not be fine to give the same design to different clients, even if they have a similar type of project. As a content writer, I have seen the writers that copy-paste the thing even know about Google penalty. So avoiding copy-paste will cost your client as well you.

3. Never give details of other projects

You just supposed to work for your client, after that this project is not even yours, so respect the privacy of your client, and don’t disclose any detail regarding your project. You should add this to your portfolio or show it to another client. But you should never disclose any detail to another client just to find a new project.

4. Don’t waste your bid on the irrelevant project

Never take a project in which you don’t know anything, choose the project that matches your skillset, just choose relevant to your field and experience, Irrelevant projects may ruin your experience and rating both.

5. Don’t go for profit-sharing opportunities

In my freelancing career, I meet many persons who want to work with me on profit sharing. But just think, anyone wants to share your profit with you, the reason could be simple maybe they don’t get any profit from work or they are not sure about their work. Don’t say yes to these projects, it just ends as a headache to you.

6. Stay away from freebies

Freebies give you shiny offers but never want to pay you. They just waste your time, identify freebies or the person who pays lower than marketing standard.

The Pro tip

The Pro tip

Freelancing is more about your networks, the strongest connections you have to your client the more projects you get from their side. They also give the reference of your work.

Give priority to your old client over your new one. Both are important but old clients give more stability to your work. Never lose a client.

Starting a career as a freelancer you must announce your presence, You need to show your talent, you need to perform well for yourself.

The best thing to the freelance will be your passion, and my suggestion is always to go with your passion, your passion is one of the main reasons that make you a successful freelancer.

The Last line

To become a freelancer, I nearly discuss every point which is enough to skip your 09 to 06 job and start a career in freelancing. So, what are you waiting for, just be your own boss, choose your work, choose your time, chose your family and home? Just go freelancers, find a stable source of income.

Let me help you to become a successful freelancer, please share your thoughts in the comment section.

A big thumbs up to freelancers, wish them a beautiful journey.

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