22 tips to improving productivity in Freelancing

22 Tips To Improving Productivity In Freelancing

The work from culture gives you the freedom to choose your time, your work, even your presence on behalf of priority. But sometimes this procrastination, laziness, pressure, or sometimes overtime leads to a decrease in your productivity. You find it hard to manage your working hours, or sometimes you struggle to achieve the result within the deadline. Sometimes you just get frustrated for not getting a project or sometimes you find it hard to manage multi-projects at a time and many more problems that freelancer faces. More of them due to low productivity. 

In this article, we discuss 22 tips that will improve the productivity of and you and your freelancing account. Let’s start.  

1. Schedule your day   

Schedule your day

Scheduling will play a vital role in your productivity, you need to fix your working hours, you are a freelancer: an own boss, then scheduling your time is totally in your hand. Don’t live in an automatic schedule. Divide your working hours into small sessions, try to give yourself 8-12 hours of working. Make a partition between work and family time. Schedule your time for family, work, and for yourself too. 

2. Take small breaks 

Take small breaks

Remember the rule of focus, on average, your mind is designed in the way that it could focus on a certain task for not more than an hour, take a quick break after each session. Don’t hesitate to take a break of 5-10 minutes after each session. Listen to your favorite music, talk to your best person at that time, go for a quick or just take a quick snack. This small break could increase your productivity. Keep in mind, you need a small break, don’t engage in distraction.  

3. Make a to-do list  

Make a to-do list

A to-do list always helps you to avoid unnecessary stuff during the work, the to-do list will preserve you not to do the work that is not essential for your project. Put your list at your desk, more focused, and engage in your work. I use the habit extension of chrome to do that and believe me it check-on daily tasks to increase my productivity as a freelancer.

4. Set your desk properly  

Set your desk properly

Set your desk properly, put all the stuff near your desk that may require work. You should organize your desk in a way that it will close to enough charge ports, have well sustainable sunlight and must have enough space for your important stuff. As a freelancer, you also need a notebook and pen to note client details. Don’t place the things on your radar that may distract you. If you don’t have all the necessary stuff, it may lead to a forced break for you. 

5. Sleeping will affect your productivity 

Sleeping will affect your productivity

Your productive is directly proportional to how you sleep last night. Sleeping is the recovery time for your body and mind. Less sleep or more sleep result to lower your productivity during work. Try to maintain a well-organized sleeping pattern. Try to schedule 6-8 hours of proper sleep. Set a proper sleeping and wake-up time.

6. Make work/life more balance 

To make work/life balance is one of the reasons while you choose to freelance. But after a certain time, freelancers forget to maintain a work/life balance. You know both are required but access to anyone may ruin your life. Your work stress may reduce by happy family moments. Your working time will make sure to expand on your family. Make a balance to be more productive during work. Don’t forget to add a workout to your life schedule.  

7. Don’t let procrastination affect your working hours 

Don’t let procrastination affect your working hours

Procrastination kills productivity and results in you lost a lot of things for nothing. Do you think in the morning that 15 minutes of sleeping will make a positive change in your day? The answer is No. Suppose, it is Monday morning and you want to be in bed for one more hour. After one hour you want another hour. This procrastination nature ruins your schedule. If it is a working day, then you should definitely avoid procrastination, it may ruin your whole week and weekend.  

8. Use your peak hours well  

Use your peak hours well

We all have a time in the day in which our productivity is quite high, figure out that time, you will find you are able to solve the difficult task at the time, you will find that you are more focused than ever on this time. Use your peak hours wisely. Don’t waste that time on unnecessary stuff, do the most important task during your peak hours. 

9. Eliminate distraction around you 

Eliminate distraction around you

According to a recent study on distraction, on average, every distraction costs you 25 minutes. That means once you get distracted from your desk, you waste about 25 minutes. Try to cut off the distraction of your life. If your phone notification distracts you, put the phone out of your reach while working. Try to be choosier toward your work, give a close look toward your room and eliminate distractions from your environment.  

10. Take care of your physical and mental health 

Take care of your physical and mental health

A sick body or mind is not able to perform any certain task with the same productivity. And an old proverb, prevention is better than cure. So, take care of your body, give yourself time for a workout, meditation, or jogging. You will find that one hour of exercise, make you more active throughout the day.  

11. Find a constant source of motivation 

Freelancers’ life is not so easy than you think. They need motivation when they feel low, they need the motivation to work every day. Find a constant source of motivation, that will motivate you each time. Try to find motivation close to you. Sometimes you need to be a self-motivator to pump up blood when you needed. So, just find a constant source of motivation. 

12. Avoid multitasking 

Multitasking is just reciprocal of productive. More task at a time, the less productive you became. So, if you want to be more productive, remember the rule of focus, one task at a time. Most freelancers done a mistake they eat on their desk; this will take more time to finish both tasks.  

13. Don’t let yourself in automated mode 

Don’t be in the automated mood, if have seen freelancers who are so busy in their work that sometimes they forget to take meals, also sometimes I have seen that freelancer are too busy in procrastination that they avoid working desks for hours. A certain task for a long period of time may ruin your productivity, so take control of your hand, when to work or when to rest.  

14. Plan your day   

Plan your day before starting, mostly successful freelancers plan their tomorrow by today’s night, or in the morning before starting the day. Assign at least 2 to 3 tasks for the day before starting your day.  

Now we discuss some points to increase the productivity of your freelancing account. 

15. Treat your business like a boss 

You are not an employee; you are a boss of your business. So, forget that you have to work only for 8 hours, or there is no way to protect yourself from work, if you want to earn, you need to perform well. You need to be more active to earn. Your growth is totally your responsibility. So don’t stop learning, do better each time, earn more for every new project.  

16. Your behavior towards the client will be key 

Your client is not an OTP: one-time project, treat them well that they assign you more and more projects in the future. Try to help them in each possible way, and remember relation plays a vital role in the growth of a freelancer. Don’t try to be more friendly, but for sure your behavior toward your client decides your future in freelancing.  

17. Clarify each small thing to the client before starting 

Be more patient with your client, for you, a project could be a way to earn money, but for some clients, it could be their project of life. So, clarify each and every small thing before starting on the project. A small mistake could be costly for your client.  

18. Break your milestone into small task 

Sometimes a big project is responsible for a lack of your interest which leads to less productivity. To be more productive in work, you should break your milestone into smaller achievable tasks. Remember a simple rule of Psychology, if you want to do more, you should start small.   

19. Learn to say no, when required 

Say yes to those projects only for which you have proper time and skillset, don’t force to do something that you could not do within the deadline. Sometimes, freelancer says yes to the work that they didn’t have a clue for that. Try new things and learning new things is good but don’t ruin other projects for your learning.  

20. Set a time to chat with clients 

Client needs your time, set a time to chat with your clients if it is possible try to mention, your time of chat on your freelancing account. Keep in mind the standard time of your client’s location. This will help you to deal with your client more freely and not affect your working schedule.  

21. Update your social Media handle from time to time 

As a freelancer, your name attracts the peoples, for this, you need to be more socially inactive, you should update things on your social media handles from time to time. You need to maintain your Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit handles from time to time. You need to update your freelancers account on popular freelancer platform (such as Upwork, freelancer, fiver, PayPerHour) from time to time 

22. Make a strong portfolio of your work 

Last but not least, have a portfolio of your work. Your all-best work at a place gives you an edge over other freelancers. Your client will understand your strong point easily, a strong portfolio brings more clients, it will definitely make your freelancing account more productive. 

The Last line

In order to be more productive, you should be in a freelancing environment, be in touch with other freelancers, these freelancers may help you to earn more work and most important the bunch of same time groups increase your productivity. The conclusion you get from the article, time management is an important factor and more important to stick with the schedule. You are the boss of your work, so everything in your control. All the best, freelance, be more productive at work. 

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