Create A Professional Website Without Coding For Free | Top 7 Free Website Builder In 2021

Want a professional website for your business in a quick time?  You can set up a beautiful website just in 10 minutes. Checkout these Top 7 Website Builders In 2021.

Sometimes you skip your idea of a startup in order to create a website by coding. It is true, Coding takes time even professionals will take time. Here is a solution for you that you create a professional website without coding for free. We will discuss the top 7 website builder of 2021 that helps you to make a professional website for free.

A website belongs to a web designer or web developer, there is nothing like that in the industry. Anyone could make a website, any could take their business online, there in no-prerequisites needed to own a website in 2021. You could create your own for free.

You have a blogging idea, want to own a startup, provide any online solution or even want to take any business online, Here is some website builder that comes to the rescue in the process to stand with professionals.

Let’s start our list of the top 7 free website builders that didn’t charge a single penny to create a professional website for you.

Here are the 7 best free website builders:

  • Wix – Best All-Around Website Builder.
  • WordPress – Perfect for Blogging.
  • Jimdo – Small Online Store Builder.
  • Weebly – Ideal for Small Businesses.
  • Webflow– Great for Designers.
  • SITE123 – Great Design Assistance.
  • SimpleSite– Best to edit from mobile

1. Free website builder in 2021- Wix

Professional Website

Wix is one of the website builders that gives you the freedom to set your website completely. You could customize the whole website, drop and drag a block of the website simply amazing. Here you could create your own website just drop and drag. What you need to create a website on Wix, just log in choose your favorite design and edit it according to your need.

Visit Wix – Best All-Around Website Builder.

Why use Wix

  • Reason to use Wix for your next website
  • Free Plan is quite impressive
  • Simple to use
  • Perfect for Startups and small businesses
  • Over 500 options for your website
  • More focus on the Design of the website
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Suitable for Designer
  • SEO tools are quite impressive

2. Free website builder in 2021- WordPress

Professional Website

I want to put WordPress on the top but we talk about free website builders, WordPress is the one of best in the business, they provide everything for your business, from blogging to e-commerce solutions but you need to pay for better options. WordPress needs plugins and themes, Elementor is quite a popular page builder of WordPress, they mostly have free and paid versions of every theme and Plugin.

Even the free version of WordPress is quite impressive, this website is built with WordPress, and thanks to its plugins I didn’t expend a single penny to buy a Plugin. They have plugins for almost everything page builder, image optimization, on-page SEO, and code too. I definitely say it is one of the best in the market but not the easiest for the novice.

Visit WordPress – Perfect for Blogging.

Why use WordPress

Reason to make your next website with WordPress

  • A wide range of free themes is available
  • Plugin for nearly everything
  • Drag and Drop editor
  • Paid version available for more smooth performance
  • No rocket science need to make a website
  • Perfect for blogging
  • A complete solution for your business
  • Suitable for a Coder and Designer both
  • Update time to time
  • Suitable for any scale business

3. Free website builder in 2021- Jimdo

Professional Website

Jimdo is considered one of the best platforms if you need your website on an International platform. it comes in more than 9 different International languages. Just imagine your website in different languages for different countries. With no page limit on a free account, they are doing a pretty job to make mobile responsive websites. They provide SSL too.

Just a minute, you need to go buy a premium account to index your website on search Engines. it prevents ranking your website if you do not have a paid account then you will definitely have a decent website. Not suitable for blogging.

Visit Jimdo – Small Online Store Builder.

Why use Jimdo

Reason to use Jimdo for your next website

  • Layouts are flexible that you could change any time
  • Easy to set up
  • They have a multi-language option
  • Best for the informative website
  • No page limits
  • They provide free SSL

4. Free website builder in 2021- Weebly

Professional Website

Weebly is an all-in-one solution for web hosting, domain registration, designing, and development, in other words, it is suitable for startup businesses. Weebly is a flexible website builder, compatible with every device and platform, and easy to use.

They have drag and drop editors like WordPress and Wix. Weebly comes with pay pal integration, Google Analytics and some SEO tools. The free version is quite effective of Weebly.

Visit Weebly – Ideal for Small Businesses.

Why use Weebly

Reason to use Weebly for your next website

  • Comes with Drop and Drag editor
  • Easy to use
  • PayPal integration is a plus point
  • Best consider for small business and online store
  • Professionals could work better
  • SEO tools are impressive
  • All in one solution for startups
  • The paid plan is shinier

5. Free website builder in 2021- Webflow

Professional Website

Webflow is another no-code platform for designers and developers. Webflow empowers designers to develop a complete website without coding.  Without a doubt, Webflow is more dedicated to designers in comparison to a developer.

Webflow is a small combination of Wix in design and WordPress in the backend. If you are a newbie you need to put effort to make a website in Webflow because it does not come with a designer Assistant.

Visit Webflow– Great for Designers

Reason to use Webflow for your next website

  • Most Suitable for designer
  • Have Drag and drop Editor
  • Something similar to WordPress
  • Create a beautiful website with animations
  • It is better for Search Engine crawler which helps you in SEO
  • Give you free hosting.
  • Comes with SSL

6. Free website builder in 2021- Site123

Professional Website

One of the basic website builders, they are quite similar to Wix. It is simple as hell, you just need to fill in the name of the website and type of website and your website will be ready after some customization.

Simple and Easy to use, it has a basic Point and click editor instead of Drag and Drop, they have almost 200 free mobile responsive templates to offer. One of the fastest to make a website on site123. If you are new you could learn a lot from Site123. You need to purchase a premium plan to connect with your desired domain.

Visit SITE123 – Great Design Assistance.

Why use site123

Reason to use site123 for your next website

  • Easiest to use in industry
  • They claim they are the fastest
  • Perfect for the novice
  • Don’t need to set up more things
  • Websites are ready in 5 minutes
  • Good for small websites

7. Free website builder in 2021- Simplesite

Professional Website

They claim that you just need the internet to set up a Simplesite website. They are quite similar to site123 but I feel they didn’t as fast as other platforms. They have a 3-4 layout for the landing page. Maybe it has the simplest features in comparison to other website builders. They claim that they are best to edit from mobile.

Visit Simplesite– Best to edit from mobile

Why use Simplesite

Reason to use Simplesites for your next website

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • You could set up things from a mobile phone
  • Websites are quite simple
  • Give you a 15-page limit in the free version

At a Glance:

Create a professional website without coding for free. These are some platform which provides you the freedom to create a professional website without even know ABC of programming. and Best things these website builders provide a lot of control at no cost. WordPress and Wix are ruling on top and the reason is quite is obvious they are best in business. Quality and support are the top classes of both.

If you are a newbie then site123 will be a superb option, Use Jimdo if you want to use a multi-language platform. For design lovers Wix is the best platform, for professional WordPress & Webflow will be the best option.

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