Why is Freelancing Attractive in 2021?

Why Freelancing is attractive in 2021?

The covid-19 outbreak has changed the pattern of lives and work with the shift to remote settings.  Remote work opens up more opportunities for freelancing.

Many experts say that 2020 is the hint that freelancing is the future of Office work. According to a report by Forbes, 50% of work in the U.S.A shift to freelancing by 2027. This year saw a great increment in freelancer above 8%.

Why Choose Freelancing?

Why Choose Freelancing?

Freelancing is best suited for people who are self-confident, ready to make changes and want to be their own boss. Some people choose to freelance because they want to skip traveling, skip offices and related politics, and negativity. Some people choose to freelance because they feel they are paid less than they deserve or wish to better balance their work life.

The biggest advantage to freelancing is the ability to do the same type of work and earn more from your own place.

Importance Of Freelancing

Importance of Freelancing

In countries like India, the migration of people to large cities is common.  Adults are separated from their families to find work and have limited time with them on weekends.  Freelancing could bring more work to the home base and free up more time to be with family.  In developed countries freelancing brings real freedom and opens up global opportunities.

Has 2020 Boosted Freelancing?

Has 2020 Boosted Freelancing?

The outbreak of Covid-19 has forced us to work and learn remotely.  Some professionals and skilled labor lost their jobs due to the nature of their work.  However, many employees can find ways to earn remotely.  The current work environment has spurred people to try freelancing who might otherwise not have.  India witnessed about 46% incremental increase in the number of freelancers, while the number in the US has been approximately 22%, which contributes around 1.2 trillion to the US economy (CNBC).. It can be said that the Lazy market trend boost freelancer markets and the freelance market eventually in the race to become one of the big markets.

Small-Scale Industries Find Freelancing Attractive

Small-Scale Industries Find Freelancing Attractive

Who doesn’t want to save money, and complete a project with less spend? A small-scale company which finds it hard to maintain their clients or or has fewer employees will partner with freelancers to survive this lazy market.  Perhaps they have lost some employees or business, so they cut costs by seeking expertise from freelancers.

 To pick a freelancer for them is the best plan to survive this lazy market. Maybe the market is down, and some employees left or lost their job when a certain project hit a certain company, they find a freelancer that can manage their work with fewer efforts and less money.

The Client Will Find You

The Client Will Find You

Yes, every client will expect that their project will be professionally executed.  They move toward larger companies, but this comes with a hefty price tag.  

Not all clients are ready to pay a large amount for services, so freelancers are a cost-effective option.  Freelancers can be more agile with client changes and potentially offer the same quality of work at a lower price point.

Benefits Of Being A Freelancer

Benefits Of Being A Freelancer

1. Work/Life Balance

The most advantageous thing about freelancing is that it offers flexibility and a better work-life balance.  You are free to choose your schedule, place of work, type of projects you will take on, and clients.  This frees you from the rat race and allows you to be your own boss.

Imagine A Freelancer Life

Imagine a workspace in your home that is comfortable for you where you can work at your pace, take breaks when necessary, and have lunch and dinner with your family.  You can end your workday as you wish and begin your evening activities without being rushed.  Eventually, you can earn well and reduce your stress level.

Importance Of Work/Life Balance

A simple question helps you to understand the purpose behind freelancing. ‘Why we work’. We work to meet our basic needs and those of our family.  We work to live a certain lifestyle, but the job is providing this.  We should be enjoying our golden years by reaping the benefits of the work we put in.  We are more motivated in doing this for ourselves rather than being a number in a company.  Organizations have no loyalty to you.  They will let you go if a business decision requires it without a second thought. Not at, the golden year of our life, we wasted in the job and just find a way to feed ourself daily. But it takes our life from 20-60, what we left in life. Childhood and old age.

2. Help You For A Start-Up

One project brings two, two brings four.  When you have more work, there may be an opportunity to create a team.  

Choose your field of freelancing and work to your capacity.  Once you reach this, try to give some of the work to others.  This could help you set up a small-scale business with growth potential.

3. Chances Of Your Growth Is High

Chances Of Your Growth Is High

Freelancers deal with new things, new clients, and new problems every day.This brings opportunities to learn new things.  Freelancers can change their criteria for the projects they take on as their reputation increases.  They are better off than office employees due to the broad range of learning they encounter. Freelancers can increase their criteria every day. They are far better than office employees when it comes to learning new things. In-office employee perform nearly the same thing daily also office has separated department for every possible thing, but freelancers needs to perform everything for themselves.

4. Opportunity Is High

It is not true that freelancing is just limited to web development, software development. Yes, it is true that the IT field is one of the hots among freelancers.While the best-known freelancing opportunities are in IT, other options exist.  Some examples are accounting, video editor, script writing, social media management, marketing, translation, photography, data entry, and virtual assistants.  Think about what you can do to add value from your home.

5. Freelancing is the Future

Freelancing is the Future

Freelancing experienced growth in 2020 due to Covid10.  More options abound than ever before, and the future world of work will look very different.  As the vaccinations roll out in 2021, these will be available in waves.  This offers time to polish your skills and prepare yourself for the future as a freelancer.

Things To Remember While Freelancing

Things To Remember While Freelancing

1. Your Client Is Not Your One-Time Payment

In this world of speed, everyone wants to grow fast, wants to get rich quick, and complete tasks in a speedy manner.  However, your client is not a one-time payment for you if you cultivate the relationship.  Try your level best to gain their faith.

Remember you are a partner in your client’s business dream.  Give 100% to the project and communicate consistently to ensure understanding.  Any small mistakes you make can be costly for your client and impact their trust.

2. Polish your image

Spend time maintaining your social media handles and your freelancing profiles.  Make sure you ask your clients for references once the project has been completed, not before.  Continually network with people in your field, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Do not reach out to a potential client and ask for anything on the first contact.  Building relationships is a long game.  People don’t appreciate being approached on social media and being spammed when they don’t yet have any sort of relationship with you.

3. Know Your Peak Hours

Everyone has peak times of productivity and these will vary.  I work best from 6-11 AM. This is when I have a fresh perspective to a problem and can handle more difficult tasks.  Know yourself and set your schedule accordingly.

Learn to work smart so your personal commitments don’t overlap with completing your projects.  Hard and smart work are both essential.

4. Freelancer Don’t Think About Job Security

There is no such thing as job security in today’s working world.  When you work for someone else, your earning potential is capped according to their perception of your performance.  Should you find yourself working for a toxic manager, your earnings will be affected even more.  Freelancer logic is simple:  the more your work, the more you earn.

The Last Line


Covid-19 teaches us that family is everything.   Do the best for your family with them at your side. Make work/life balance a priority and use your golden years of life wisely. Opportunity awaits you in 2021.

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