WordPress vs Wix Comparison

Are you Confused between WordPress and Wix to build your next website?

Here we come to guide you. This article is the most accurate WordPress vs Wix Comparison

As both WordPress and Wix are top website builders at the time right now, they belong to the top website builders in the field. 

Price Comparison

WordPress is an open-source CMS and free to use. You need to buy your own domain and hosting to run a website on WordPress. WordPress has a good collection of free themes and plugins to use for different purposes. For the better working WordPress offer you a premium version of themes and Plugin. 

On the other hand, Wix also offers a basic website builder for free. But it comes with Wix advertisements on your website and for your custom domain, you need to buy a premium plan on Wix. 

WordPress is more flexible in comparison to Wix, you could use your WordPress website features according to your budget. 

Design Comparison

Design is the most important need of your website. WordPress gives you a wide range of themes and plugins for different use. You could change the theme of your WordPress at any time you want. 

On the other hand, Wix comes with 900+ beautiful pre-made templates. Themes are beautiful without a doubt but you could not change once you select, you could only customize that theme. 

All designs of WordPress and Wix are completely fully responsible in mobile view. In a single line, WordPress gives you more power as a designer and developer. 

Features- Plugin/Apps Comparison

This features section is dedicated to the plugins or apps for different purposes in WordPress/Wix. WordPress has a collection of 58 thousand free plugins that offer different features. 

On the other hand, Wix also offers 200+special apps that offer different features. 

WordPress is a clear-cut winner in the area of features. 

Ease of use Comparison

For beginners, both are easy to use, for minor customizations you don’t need any kind of designer or developer. You could make customization with Drag and Drop features of these website builders. 

WordPress also gives your the freedom to create your custom theme and plugin, (if you are professional). 

For a beginner, Wix is best but for more features, you should go with Wix. 

Dedicated for Comparison

WordPress is best suitable for blogging and e-commerce. You can manage your small and medium-scale business on your WordPress account. 

On the other hand, Wix gives a special feels to a designer it is more dedicated to designing. For small-scale businesses, Wix gives you pre-made beautiful websites. 

For blogging purpose and e-commerce, without a doubt, your should go WordPress but if you want to focus on some beautiful themes with animations you should choose Wix. 

Last line before choosing WordPress and Wix

As a front-end developer, I always suggest WordPress to use because it is far superior in terms of features and flexibility but If you looking for something easy and beautiful to use you should switch to Wix.

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