Hi, I’m Barath, a 16 year old turned digital geek. I’m indefinitely Curious and my age doesn’t do justice for the thirst of knowledge within me. I love the Digital World and Marketing is a field I’ve set my eyes on since my early schooling days. I founded the Digital Barath University in 2019 to inspire and educate millions of people. 

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I founded the Digital Barath University in 2019 to create a new leadership for the new world. Enroll into my University at an affordable cost.

I wrote the book Linkedin Ultimate Blueprint to inspire people how an Social Media Platform can be utilised to unlock Maximum Potential.

I recently started my Youtube Channel to provide mind-blowing tips and tricks and tutorials without any fluff.

I am going to launch a new podcast to share crisp, potent and game-changing concepts to improve your life & career. Follow me on Instagram for more updates.

I wrote Client Success Blueprint to help you cut through all the noise and get to the most essential elements of a digital business and learn how to convert your leads to paying clients and nurture them. More Guides coming soon!

I created a page with all the tools & resources that have helped me build a digital ecosystem at minimal cost.

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